Your constitutional type is dominated by Pitta:

Your qualities

Pitta, fire and water: light, hot, oily, sharp, liquid, sour, biting On the individual basis, these trends indicate: ambition, concentration, confidence, courage, thirst for knowledge, happiness, and intelligence. On the organic level, Pitta is linked to digestion, food absorption, maintenance of the body temperature and eyes and skin radiance.

Your physical appearance

  • Height: medium
  • Weight: medium, easily gains and looses weight
  • Bones: medium
  • Joints: proportionate
  • Musculature: proportionate and firm
Physiological characteristics

  • Skin: fair, soft, with freckles and moles
  • Hair: thin, soft, blond or red
  • Face: oval with a pointed chin
  • Neck: proportionate
  • Nose: straight, pointed, medium-sized
  • Eyes shape: medium
  • Eyes colour: blue or grey, hazel
  • Teeth: medium-sized, yellowish
  • Mouth: medium
  • Lips: medium
Psychological characteristics

  • Sweat: abundant
  • Temperature: seeks freshness
  • Sleep: good and short
  • Stool: regular and dry
  • Activity: regular
  • Endurance: good energy-manager
  • Sexual life: strong, desire and action
  • Elocution: sharp, clear
Vos caractéristiques psychologiques

  • Thinking: precise, logical, sees projects through the end
  • Memory: good, quick
  • Beliefs: strong, they set out the actions
  • Emotions: easily judge, overconfident
  • Work: intellectual
  • Lifestyle: busy and ambitious