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Srotas, the life paths of the organism

The body contains numerous biological circuits allowing the transit of fluids, air or materials, they are called Srotas in Ayurvedic language. The more poetic metaphor of the literature of the Vedas brings Srotas closer to a path or a stream.

Each part of the body is built thanks to the infinite networks of channels. Cellular reconstruction, in Ayurvedic language the maintenance of Dathus (tissues), is only possible by transporting the elements allowing their construction.

The Srotas are wide channels, like the intestines, the respiratory tract, the arterial system, the genitourinary tract; the Srotas are also the finer circuits such as the lymphatic network, veins or capillary vessels.

Their essential function is of course to allow the diffusion of nutrients, oxygenation, water, but also the evacuation of residues.

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Although Charaka, one of the great wise doctors, concluded about the Srotas that the human being was a pile of them as they are innumerable. However, we can try to organize them into categories according to their function. Thirteen categories of Srotas are common to women and men. Women have 2 additional ones for the accomplishment of “the great mystery of life”!

In their naming, a Srotas takes the name of what it carries. For example, Prana vaha Srotas are the channels allowing air circulation. The term inserted in the center of the name giving the action of the subject here “Vaha” is the action of circulating, flowing.

The 3 vital Srotas

Prana vaha Srotas: air circulation channels. One of the most vital functions of the body is the free circulation of air and oxygen to enable life.

Udaka vaha Srotas: channels transporting water in the body. We can associate it with the more general term water metabolism.

Anna vaha Srotas: channels for the circulation of ingested nutrients. It represents the digestive system.


The 7 Srotas of the 7 Dhatus

Lymph, blood, muscles, fat, nerves, bones, reproductive materials, all these tissues (Dathus) are created and multiplied with the growth of the body, and all are renewed during the existence of the same body thanks to all the networks of Srotas. The different metabolizations through which the food passes in its coarse form allow the reconstruction of each tissue. All this chain work of transformations is possible by the existence of the Srotas of the organism.


3 Srotas for elimination

Purisha vaha Srotas: solid waste disposal channels.

Mutra vaha Srotas: channels for eliminating liquid waste.

Sweda vaha Srotas: sweat channels


The 2 other groups of women's Srotas

Arta vaha Srotas: menstruation channels.

Stanya vaha Srotas: milk ducts.

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The health of Srotas: another key to general health


According to Ayurveda, health balance is maintained thanks to the harmony of the Doshas.

An excess of one of the doshas (vata, pitta or kapha) leads to an imbalance in the channels, which can affect the absorption of nutrients or the elimination of waste leading to a process of cause and effect affecting the body more deeply. . For example, consuming astringent or pungent foods has a drying effect that balances the water in the food bolus. If the proportion of drying is too high, transit slows down, limiting the work of nutrient assimilation and therefore tissue regeneration (Dathus).

The maintenance of the Srotas involves a good observation of the balance of the Doshas and its Prakriti constitution, a measured and varied diet, hygiene ranging from daily gestures to Panchakarma allowing the organs to regenerate.

Digestive and depurative or hepato-protective plants such as Triphala or Guggulu, are ancestrally known to release the major Srotas of the digestive sphere and strengthen them. Makandi (Coleus forskolin) particularly maintains the venous network and microcirculation like Kotu Cola (Centella Asiatica).

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