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The Ayurvedic tongue scraper: well-being and oral hygiene

Découvrons ensemble tous les bienfaits que peut avoir l’utilisation d’un gratte langue ayurvédique au quotidien. Tongue scraping is a detoxifying ritual that has long been practiced in Ayurveda. It is particularly appreciated for removing residues from the tongue and improving digestion. That's why this oral hygiene essential is becoming increasingly popular in the West. Let's discover the benefits of using an Ayurvedic tongue scraper on a daily basis. 

The tongue, the mirror of health in Ayurveda

Photo of a woman sticking out her tongue.

In traditional Indian medicine, the tongue plays a very important role, providing a wealth of information on digestive health and reflecting the state of health more generally. A real diagnostic tool, this organ is often observed by Ayurvedic physicians. In particular, he analyzes the toxins present on the tongue, called "Ama" in Ayurveda. Their color and consistency can indicate the presence of certain disorders, malaise, imbalances or deficiencies. The area of the tongue covered by these toxins shows which organ is affected (the front of the tongue, for example, corresponds to the heart and lungs). 

The importance of the tongue scraper according to Ayurvedic medicine

If not removed, toxins on the tongue can accumulate in the body, harming oral health, the proper functioning of internal organs and the balance of the doshas. This is why jihva sodhana (tongue cleansing) is so important in Ayurveda. 

The use of a tongue-scraper is therefore recommended to get rid of toxins, ensure general well-being and maintain a healthy digestive system. Used on a daily basis, this tool also helps prevent the onset of various disorders, since as Ayurveda preaches, prevention is better than cure! 

The benefits of Ayurvedic tongue scrapers

Photo of a man using a tongue scraper.

Maintaining good oral health

Including a tongue scraper as part of a daily hygiene routine helps to maintain good oral health, including a balanced microbiota. By removing bacteria and toxins from the tongue, it helps prevent the most common dental and gum problems. 

Fresh breath guaranteed

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can result from sulfur compounds produced by toxins and bacteria on the tongue. By getting rid of these, the tongue scraper helps to eliminate this problem, which can be annoying on a daily basis, provided other factors are not the cause.

Better taste perception

Taste perception is enhanced by the tongue scraper, which helps to increase the sensitivity of the taste buds. This benefit also makes it possible to eat with full awareness, enhancing well-being during meals. 

Healthy digestion

By activating the salivary glands, which in turn activate digestion, ayurvedic tongue scraping is beneficial for the digestive system. It also relieves the digestive system from having to deal with toxins on the tongue. And let's not forget: good digestive health ensures the elimination of waste from the body, which boosts the immune system. But that's not all! Internal organs are also more stimulated, and overall health is improved. 

How to use a stainless steel tongue scraper ?

To use the ayurveda tongue scraper effectively, here are a few simple tips. Ideally, use it in the morning on an empty stomach to eliminate toxins accumulated during the night. Make it part of your daily routine for optimum results and a good start to the day. 

To use it correctly, hold its ends with both hands and scrape your tongue from back to front with the curved part, without exerting excessive pressure. If you feel a gag reflex, adjust its position. Repeat if necessary, rinsing the tongue scraper with warm water after each use. 

Its smooth, non-porous surface ensures thorough cleaning, while its stainless steel composition guarantees maximum hygiene. In fact, unlike the traditional Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper, the stainless steel tongue scraper is renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance and the fact that it does not oxidize on contact with moisture in the mouth. This makes it a more hygienic and durable choice. Its daily use therefore fits perfectly into an oral hygiene routine to keep the mouth clean and healthy. 

The perfect combination for optimal oral hygiene: stainless steel tongue scraper and toothpaste with Neem & Triphala

Photo of a woman in her bathroom brushing her teeth in front of a mirror.

For complete, impeccable oral hygiene, using the Ayurveda stainless steel tongue scraper in conjunction with Neem & Triphala toothpaste is a real combo-winner. 

As mentioned above, the stainless steel tongue scraper offers a long-lasting, effective solution for eliminating toxins and residues accumulated on the tongue.  

In parallel, Neem & Triphala toothpaste offers a natural, holistic approach to oral hygiene. Neem, renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, helps fight infection and prevent oral problems such as cavities and gingivitis. As for Triphala, a highly prized Ayurvedic blend of three berries: amla, bibhitaki and haritaki, it promotes healthy gums and fresh breath. 


In short, the Ayurvedic stainless steel tongue scraper is a simple yet effective and long-lasting tool for improving your oral health and general well-being. By using it daily, you eliminate toxins from your tongue, promoting better digestion, fresher breath and finer perception of flavors. Combined with Neem & Triphala toothpaste, you benefit from a complete, natural approach to optimal oral hygiene. 

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