About Us

    In 1996, I created a family business (located in the Parisian suburb), specialized in manufacturing and selling organic and natural cosmetics and food supplements.

Our brand “Ayur-vana” follows the Ayurvedic principles. All our products are made in France, with herbs carefully controlled from their growing fields to our warehouse.
We are going to India on a regular basis and we developed friendly relationships with our Indian partners and several Ayurvedic doctors overtime. We select our herbs based on strict criteria, the organic farming rules*, and we pay close attention to the human condition during the production.
Even if the first Ayurvedic texts are more than 4500 years old, I am convinced that this care method ** can benefit the 21st century people, both physically and psychologically… I’ll leave it to you to find it out by yourself.
Jean-Marc REA


      * Our certification “products from organic farming” is delivered by Ecocert France

   ** Ayurveda is a care method recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) since 1982.