Your constitutional type is dominated by Vata:

Your qualities

Vata, air and ether (or space): light, cold, dry, rough, subtle, mobile, clear, dispersant, inconstant, and astringent. On the individual basis, these trends indicate: creativity, enthusiasm, liberty, generosity, happiness, vitality. On the organic level, Vata is linked to motor function, the heartbeats, inhalation and exhalation, stimulation of digestive juices.

Your physical appearance

  • Height: very short or very tall
  • Weight: light, difficulty to gain weight
  • Bones: thin. Narrow shoulders and hips
  • Joints: Prominent and angular
  • Musculature: long and thin
Physiological characteristics

  • Skin: thin and dry
  • Hair: thin, dark, curly or frizzy
  • Face: long, angular, with a pronounced chin
  • Neck: thin, very long or very short
  • Nose: small, narrow, aquiline
  • Eyes shape: small, sunken
  • Eyes colour: dark brown
  • Teeth: irregular
  • Mouth: small
  • Lips: thin, withered
Psychological characteristics

  • Sweat: rare
  • Temperature: loves the heat
  • Sleep: light, restless
  • Stool: irregular, constipation
  • Activity: many things at the same time
  • Endurance: quickly spends its energy, until breakdown
  • Sexual life: intense, quick exhaustion
  • Elocution: rapid
Vos caractéristiques psychologiques

  • Thinking: light, crowded, without taking action
  • Memory: good short-term memory
  • Beliefs: volatile, depends on the moment
  • Emotions: concerned, timid, worried
  • Work: creative, imaginative
  • Lifestyle: unstable