To ease articular embarrassments, Ayurveda has been using Boswellia since time immemorial. Ayur-vana offers 2 different extracts, an organic one titrated in 30% of boswellic acids, and a conventional one titrated in 65%. The difference lies in the extraction method: to obtain an organic extract, the extraction process must be conducted with water, which does not allow as high a concentration in active principles as with alcohol. However, to compensate, we put twice as many extract in the organic product.

Curcuma Longa’s (or “Haridra’s”) active substance is called curcumin, and has many properties, including soothing joints pains.

We blended those two herbs with some others, known in Ayurveda for their actions on joints (Bamboo, Guggul and Neem), as well as to vitamins and minerals in order to create Arti-Vana: this precisely-measured complex will contain joints pain and increase flexibility and mobility.  

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More flexibility for your jointsBoswellia eases your articular embarrassments and encourages joint m..

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Organic Boswellia

By stopping the leukotriene synthesis, the substance causing inflammation, Boswellia reduc..

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Haridra bio (Curcuma Longa)

The Indian antioxidantThis Indian Saffron will naturally protect the cells from ageing.  Harid..

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89% of plants, 11% of vitamins and minerals: an exact dosage for a targeted action.This mix of herba..

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