Discover your ayurvedic constitution. You can tick more than one box for the same statement.

Answer spontaneously to the following statements:

V : I am slim; I have a slender bone structure.
P : I have a medium body frame, with a firm musculature.
K : I have a large body frame, I tend to get plump and to gain weight.
V : I can eat what I want without fear of gaining weight.
P : I can gain weight if I eat too much but I can easily loose it if I want to.
K : If I gain weight, which I easily do, it really is a struggle to lose it.
V : My skin is thin, rather dry, and tends to be really too dry in certain areas.
P : My skin is warm and can be oily. It easily blushes. I have freckles. I have a fair complexion.
K : My skin is soft and rarely dry or white / thick and rather oily. I have a pale skin.
V : My skin is easily dehydrated, especially in cold weather.
P : My skin is easily irritated and sensitive to the sun.
K : I sometimes have blackheads or black spots.
V : I have prominent veins.
P : I tend to have a capillary fragility. I have numerous of beauty spots.
K : My skin is smooth, supple and fresh.
V : My hair is thin, dry, dark and curly.
P : My hair is dry, rather straight, silky, blond or red.
K : My hair is thick, wavy, shiny and rather dark.
V : My eyes are small, narrow, and sunken. They are dark brown or grey.
P : My eyes are light blue, blue-green, blue-grey or hazel. They have a bright and intense glow.
K : My eyes are big, attractive, moist, brown or blue.
V : My lips are thin, fine, withered. My mouth is small.
P : My lips are medium sized, soft and coloured. My mouth is medium sized.
K : My lips are thick, full and fleshy. My mouth is big.
V : My face is long and angular.
P : My face is heart-shaped, with a slightly prominent or pointed chin.
K : My face is wide, full, rather round or square.
V : My nails are dry and brittle.
P : My nails are pink, supple and solid.
K : My nails are thick, smooth and very solid.
V : My appetite is irregular. I am hungry at any time of day or night.
P : I always have a healthy appetite, and I love eating regularly.
K : I eat slowly and appreciate the food. It creates a sense of well-being and comfort.
V : I hardly eliminate and I have tendency towards constipation. My stools are hard and dry, and sometimes watery.
P : I regularly eliminate. My stools are soft.
K : My digestion is slow and I also eliminate slowly. I have a sensation of heaviness after meals.
V : I sometime lack appetite. I am prone to lumbago and to muscle spasms.
P : I easily suffer from hot flashes, acidity and heartburn.
K : I suffer from sinus congestion; I am subject to chills and colds. I have abundant mucus.
V : I have trouble in falling asleep. I cannot sleep for long. My sleep is light.
P : I moderately need to sleep. My sleep is very restful.
K : I love sleeping and my sleep is deep.
V : I love hot weather better than cold weather.
P : I love cool and dry weather. I particularly love cold food and beverage.
K : I like all types of weathers, but I would prefer hot weather.
V : I quickly spend my energy but I also recover quickly.
P : P: My level of energy is moderate.
K : I have a steady energy. I am sometimes indolent.
V : I am brisk but I quickly lose my strength.
P : I enjoy physical activities and I easily sweat.
K : I am resistant and enduring, but I am prone to nonchalance.
V : I am active-minded, sometimes restless. My lack of strength is compensated by my enthusiasm and imagination.
P : I have a medium resistance and I am dynamic.
K : I am strong and physically enduring.
V : People think I am talkative and fast-talking.
P : My words are precise and clear and I am a fine speaker.
K : I have a soft and singing voice, and I speak clearly.
V : I am a fast-learner but I also promptly forget. I do not memorize well.
P : I am a fast-learner and I have a good / excellent memory.
K : I slowly learn things but I keep them in mind for a very long time.
V : I am moody and rather emotional.
P : I tend to be authoritative, precise and tidy. I can be easily annoyed.
K : I am placid, calm and I am not easily angry..
V : When I am stressed, I can suffer from anxiety attacks and I become insomniac.
P : When I am stressed, I can be irascible, critical and intolerant.
K : When I feel under pressure, I get depressed, I remain passive, I let things drag on. I am possessive and attached to the things of the past.
V : Wind and cold depress me.
P : I feel tired by warm and humid weather, and I cannot stand under the sun.
K : I feel uncomfortable by cold and humid weather.
V : I do not achieve my thoughts, reasoning and aspirations.
P : I can think logically, I have an acute mind, I love challenges. I am effective.
K : I am conciliatory and relaxed. I follow my own path without distraction. I am rather pleased with myself.
V : I am versatile and unpredictable.
P : I think I am efficient. I am stubborn and I tend to use strong-arm tactics.
K : I respect the feelings of other people and I am willing to forgive.
V : I walk at a brisk pace.
P : I walk with firm steps.
K : I have a rippling gait. My movements are graceful (woman). My gait is supple, my movements are calm and harmonious (man).