Organic Amalaki extract - 30% tannins

The Indian fruit rich in tannins

Amalaki, “youth fruit” according to the Indians

Also known as Amla, Amalaki is a tree famous for its longevity. Its berries, used in this product, are considered as “youth fruits” in India. It has been consumed for centuries and is used in lots of preparations, including the famous Chyawanprash or « Elixir of life », a sweet condiment consumed by millions of Indians.

Organic Amalaki from AYur-vana

Rich in tannins (30%) which are actually polyphenols, Amalaki from AYur-vana guarantees a high-quality product. The fruit is selected in India and then imported in France where it is analyzed and encapsulated. The certification “products from organic farming” is also from a French authority.

Zoom on tannins

Some plants produce secondary metabolites to protect themselves from being infested by parasites. Because of their chemical structure, tannins have an antioxidant action on the tissues they act on. It explains the good conservation of the ones who benefit from their contribution (particularly some woods). Finally, they protect the plants from bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Two capsules before lunch and dinner with a glass of water 


Pill box containing 60 capsules

For 4 capsules: Dried fruit extract: Amalaki* (Emblica officinalis) 1600 mg, including 480 mg of Tannins, Vegetable-based coating agent: hypromellose 360 mg
*Products from organic farming, certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01 

15 days.

Herbs originating from India. Encapsulation, packaging, bacteriological and heavy metals analyses are made in France. 

Anti ageing health product - Youth Fruit

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