The Ayurvedic cure (slimming)

Recover your ideal body weight with the ayurvedic cure, four natural products for a better digestion and fats elimination.

It is important to eat properly, without overeating, meaning not absorbing food or drinks to hide any angst. This might sound obvious, but many people resort to this behaviour without being fully conscious of it.

According to the Ayurveda, there is no "miraculous product" to loose weight, but only plants who will bring lightness and warmth to help reducing excess weight by regulating the three metabolism stages listed below.

The first stage is digestion. It is is stimulated by Trikatu, a blend of three spices. Poor digestion leads to a furry tongue, a lack of energy after lunch or dinner, or even drowsiness.

The second stage, the metabolism of lipids, is activated by a complex named Trimada. Non-metabolised lipids tend to accumulate on the bottom and thighs for women, and on the stomach for men. It is important to prevent them from accumulating.

The third stage concerns elimination, which must be gentle but efficient. Triphala, made of three berries, perfectly takes over this function by regulating the intestine.

Finally, this cure is completed with Guggul. Thousands years ago, it was used by Indians to "remove excess fat from the blood", as they used to say. Since then, modern science proved that it could significally lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Triphala (capsules): 6 pill-boxes containing 60 vegetal-based capsules of 476 mg.
Trikatu (capsules): 1 pill-box containing 60 vegetal-based capsules of 326 mg.
Trimada (capsules): 3 pill-boxes containing 60 vegetal-based capsules of 434 mg.
Guggul (capsules): 3 pill-boxes containing 60 vegetal-based capsules of 595 mg. 

Your healthy body weight in 90 days !

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