Your constitutional type is dominated by Kapha:

Your qualities

Kapha, water and earth: heavy, cold, oily, slow, viscous, dense, soft, static, sweet, On the individual basis, these trends indicate: attention, concentration, compassion, faith, accomplishment, patience, stability, tenderness On the organic level, Kapha is linked to the softness of the body, warmth distribution, strength and endurance, sleep and longevity.

Your physical appearance

  • Height: tall and robust, or short and stocky
  • Weight: heavy, difficulty to lose weight
  • Bones: large, heavy-boned
  • Joints: large, functions well
  • Musculature: strong and solid
Physiological characteristics

  • Skin: thick, oily and pale
  • Hair: abundant, thick, shiny, brown
  • Face: wide and round
  • Neck: solid
  • Nose: wide, round
  • Eyes shape: big, protruding
  • Eyes colour: blue or light brown
  • Teeth: white
  • Gum: solid
  • Mouth: wide
  • Lips: large, full
Psychological characteristics

  • Sweat: moderate but persistent
  • Temperature: doesn’t like cold
  • Sleep: heavy, needs lot of sleep
  • Stool: abundant and heavy
  • Activity: casual
  • Endurance: high endurance
  • Sexual life: slow, with passion over time
  • Elocution: slow and hesitant
Vos caractéristiques psychologiques

  • Thinking: slow, steady, even conservative
  • Memory: good over time, vast
  • Beliefs: strong, difficult to change
  • Emotions: avid, very possessive
  • Work: manual and altruistic
  • Lifestyle: stable and regular