Heart, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar

Heart, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar

Several herbs are acknowledged in Ayurveda to protect the heart and maintain cholesterol and blood sugar at a normal level.

Gymnema Sylvestris, called Gurmar in Hindi, is known to reduce sugar cravings.

Neem, besides its detoxifying action, helps control the blood sugar level. Together, they maintain normal blood sugars.

Fenugreek will improve and stimulate appetite, and is thus aimed at people wishing to gain weight.

To fight bad cholesterol and purify the body, Ayur-vana advises Guggul, titrated in 2,5% of Guggulsterons, its active substance.

Finally, Rasonam (the Sanskrit name for garlic) thins the blood, which makes it the best ally for the heart, arteries and blood pressure. 

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According to the Ayurveda, Guggul is the most important depurative plant.This plant targets choleste..

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