Natural defences & Vitality

The change in seasons, a loss of energy, and the immune system can weaken. Ayur-vana offers a selection of plants aimed to reinforce the body:

Amalaki, called “youth fruit”, is rich in antioxidants tannins.

Indians award every virtue to the Neem, nicknamed “India’s natural pharmacy”, including the drain of toxins from the body. Ayurveda advises Andrographis as well to reinforce the immune system during cold periods. Tulsi will be useful in case of stuffed nose and cough, and more generally to depollute the body. And finally Shakahari will be useful for those who wish to start a vegetarian diet and avoid dietary deficiencies. 

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Curcuma Longa -10%

Curcuma Longa

Digestion et anti-âgeEgalement appelé « Safran d’Inde », le Curcuma longa est une épice à la saveur ..

7.15€ 6.43€ Ex Tax: 6.10€

Organic Tulsi

Known to open airways, Tulsi (or Sacred basil) helps regulate the air in the bodyAccording to the&nb..

12.50€ Ex Tax: 11.85€

Organic Amalaki extract - 30% tannins

The Indian fruit rich in tanninsAmalaki, “youth fruit” according to the IndiansAlso known as Amla, A..

15.95€ Ex Tax: 15.12€

Organic Andrographis

Protects from cold or influenza, perfect to ward off winter ills.Andrographis, a bitter plant, has b..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 17.01€

Infusion - Tulsi & Ginger

For your well-being, Ayur-vana, the specialist in Ayurveda in France, suggests an ass..

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Ginger and Shatavari gums

Your vitality dose always at hand.These gums mingle the benefits of two Indian, medicinal roots to s..

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Green Tea & Amalaki gums

The blend of green tea and Amalaki (Amla) protects the body from ageing. Indeed, those two herbs are..

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