The Tulsi or Sacred Basilic

Posted by MCR 01/09/2015 0 Comment(s) Ayurvedic plants,

Do you know the Tulsi? We use this plant in the very beginning of winter to fight against blocked nose and to clear bronchial tubes. It is not only in winter that you may face respiratory problem: when the weather heats up, the Tulsi is very useful to help clear cluttered bronchial passages, for example by allergies and asthma.


Besides, this plant is use to “clean” the body, a useful advantage and well suited to our modern lifestyles. Indian people, who have this sacred plant at home, recognise it as having other virtues. Its richness in camphor helps support the natural defences, to have healthy organs and nervous system, its antioxidant properties helps fight against stress and has a favorable action on fertility.



Traditionally,The Tulsi is considered as the reincarnation of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. It is also associated with Vishnu and each time that this God is being worshipped, a Tulsi leaf has to complet the offering. Radha; another form of Vishnu and Krishna for example, are also being linked by this sacred Basilic. This helps to give an idea of the importance of this plant in the ayurvedic and Indian cultures.

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