The Neem is a sacred plant in India

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Do you know that Mahatma gandhi used to pray under this tree, and that he used to consume the leaves? Moreover, the very first medical texts in Sanskrit refer to its fruits, seeds, oil, root and bark and when translate; it can be named as “to be in good health”.



This tree is very resistant; it can grow in poor soils and lives up to 200 years. Known as “Indian Lilac” due to its purple star shape flower, each part is used in ayurvedic medicine to treat different problems: blood sugar, breathing, digestion, joints….it has lots of virtues.



Detoxifying, it helps in draining the toxins in the body; hypoglycemic, it control effectively the level of glucose in the blood. Being anti inflammatory too, it is renowned for its actions over joints pain.



That’s not all: its benefits on the skin are worth being incorporated in creams and in body oils (used in case of irritations or lesions) so as to purify the epidermis. Finally, it anti parasite action helps hunt away mosquitoes and to fight against devastating insects who are resistant to pesticides, but being perfectly healthy for warm blooded animals and human beings. This is why Indians farmers use it as natural insecticide.



Nothing surprising that it is also called “vegetal pharmacy”.



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