Gandhi’s birthday

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The 2nd of October is a very important public holiday in India, as it celebrates the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Well known as the honorific Mahatma (In Sanskrit: “The Great Soul”) and commonly call as “Father of nation” of India.

This date also marked the International non violence day since 2007.The ONU has decided, under the impulsion of Sonia Gandhi and Desmond Tutu, to celebrate the non violence on the birthday of Mahatma.

This day is known in India as « Gandhi Jayanti », and is being observed in every states and territories. Tributes and prayers takes place at The Martyr's Column (Gandhi Smriti at New Delhi) where Gandhi was killed, at the memorial Raj Ghat, where he was cremated (New Delhi), Triveni Sangam (where the 3 amongst the 7 sacred Rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati meets together at Allahabad). It is also celebrated in many other cities and schools where artistic competition on the theme of peace are organised. Prayers, ceremonies, expositions, films broadcasting or public lectures (on Gandhi’s life and his accomplishment) are being held.


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